New Members


The Central Ohio Chapter would like to welcome the following new members who joined our Chapter in Program year 2015-16:

  • New Members (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016)

    Name                    Company                                                      Join Date

    Janette Sabety        Accenture                                                     7/1/2015

    Darlene Wildes        City of Columbus                                           7/1/2015

    Thomas Bohman     OPERS                                                          8/1/2015

    Laura Brown           Auditor of State                                             8/1/2015

    Janet Cool              Opportunities for Ohioans W/ Disabilities          8/1/2015

    Laura J. Gdula        Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund                       8/1/2015

    Heidi Hallas            Franklin County                                              8/1/2015

    Sherri Orr              The Buckeye Ranch                                         8/1/2015

    Amadu Sankoh       Department of Education                                 8/1/2015

    Alex Harwell           Millhuff-Stang, CPA, Inc.                                  9/1/2015

    Susan M. Martin      Holmes County JFS                                         9/1/2015

    Najeeb Memon                                                                            9/1/2015

    Bart Schwarzbek      Fruth & Company, PLL, CPAs                           9/1/2015

    Nancy M. White       Mifflin Township                                             9/1/2015

    Anita D. Clark         City of Columbus                                           10/1/2015

    Jill Davis                Concord Township                                         10/1/2015

    Kathie Edwards       Scioto County Regional Water District              10/1/2015

    Taylor Hinkley        Auditor of State                                             10/1/2015

    Amanda Jackson     City of Canal Winchester                                10/1/2015

    David Kooser          Bureau of Workers Compensation                    10/1/2015

    Javier Gonzalez       Franklin County                                             11/1/2015

    Maria Silverman      DFAS                                                           11/1/2015


We encourage all members to spread the word about Central Ohio AGA and recruit new members!