Member Anniversaries


The Central Ohio Chapter would like to recognize the following long-standing members who have an anniversary date occurring in 2015-16:

5 Year Anniversary (July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011)

Name                          Company                                                        Join Date

Jeffrey Bires                Julian and Grube Inc                                      9/1/2010

Joel Donchess             Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation             9/1/2010

Jamie Keipper             Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation             9/1/2010

Mary Frato                  Auditor of State                                             10/1/2010

Juliette Gnatowski       Auditor of State                                              11/1/2010

John McCarty              Auditor of State                                              11/1/2010

Dawn Pertner              State of Ohio Treasurer                                   12/1/2010

Myrna Burga               Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation                     1/1/2011

Megan Kilgore             City of Columbus                                            2/1/2011

Brad Marburger           City of Columbus                                            2/1/2011

Vikki Vincent               City of Columbus                                            2/1/2011

Ajay Phadke                Dublin City Schools                                         3/1/2011

Sandra Wade               Franklin County Treasurer                               3/1/2011

Andrea Weaver            Union County                                                 3/1/2011

Lois Sunderland           Department of Education Fiscal Services            4/1/2011

Thomas Buckley          Department of Medicaid                                   5/1/2011


10 Year Anniversary (July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006)

Name                         Company                                                   Join Date

Robert Salomone         KPMG LLP                                                    7/1/2005

Erin Brown                  Office of Budget and Management                  9/1/2005

William Lemons           Balestra Harr and Scherer CPAs                    10/1/2005

Bernadette Moratt       OPERS                                                       10/1/2005

Patrick Brobeck           Attorney General's Office                              11/1/2005

Mark Later                  Bureau of Workers Compensation                  11/1/2005

Sheila Thomas            Department of Aging                                     1/1/2006

Daniel Workman         Development Services Agency                         1/1/2006

Michael Miller             Dept of Transportation                                    2/1/2006

Rick Moledor               State of Ohio                                                 2/1/2006

Matthew Pettella          Auditor of State                                             3/1/2006

Timothy Gordon          Auditor of State                                             4/1/2006

Mark Grube                 Julian and Grube Inc                                      4/1/2006

Gina Love                   City of Westerville                                          4/1/2006

Meghan Needham        Julian and Grube Inc                                      4/1/2006

Mike Schmidt               Auditor of State                                             4/1/2006

Carrie Simmons           Julian and Grube Inc                                      4/1/2006

Tara Weaver                Julian and Grube Inc                                      4/1/2006

Joe Young                   Office of Budget and Management                   4/1/2006

Gary Lewis                   City of Hillsboro                                            6/1/2006


15 Year Anniversary (July 1, 2000 to June 30, 2001)

Name                          Company                                                 Join Date

Kelly Berger-Davis         Auditor of State                                       8/1/2000         

Becky Mullins               Washington Court House CSD                    8/1/2000

Johannes Watters         Bureau of Workers Compensation               1/1/2001

Megan Miller                City of Grandview Heights                          3/1/2001

Jonathan Lawless         Auditor of State                                         4/1/2001

Kristal Foster               State of Ohio                                             5/1/2001

Jessica Harper             Inspector General's Office                            6/1/2001


20 Year Anniversary (July 1, 1995 to June 30, 1996)

Name                         Company                                                       Join Date

Marni Hall                   City of Columbus                                            8/3/1995

Denise Wiethe             Auditor of State                                              8/22/1995

Jason Uhrig                JL Uhrig and Associates Inc                             11/9/1995

Brian Jones                 Dept of Education                                         11/20/1995

Gwen Ross                  School Employees Retirement System              1/27/1995

Kristine Devine            Ohio State University                                       2/8/1996

Jennifer Carson            Board of Regents                                           2/21/1996

Tracy Elliott                  aa                                                               2/26/1996

Victoria Congrove         Bureau of Workers Compensation                   3/14/1996

Barbara Ingram            Bureau of Workers Compensation                   3/14/1996

Tracy Valentino            School Employees Retirement System              3/14/1996

Rick Carpenter             Auditor of State                                              4/19/1996

Leanna Abele               Auditor of State                                              5/31/1996

Lee Anne Pytlak           State of Ohio                                                  5/31/1996


25 Year Anniversary (July 1, 1990 to June 30, 1991)

Name                       Company                                                       Join Date

Jeanette Addington     Jones, Cochenour and Co                               2/25/1991

Michael Balestra         Balestra Harr and Scherer CPAs                       3/18/1991

David Varda               Ohio Assoc of School Business Officials            3/21/1991


30 Year Anniversary (July 1, 1985 to June 30, 1986)

Name                        Company                                                       Join Date

Mary Bebech              Fairview Products Machine Shop                     4/14/1986

Ronald Smith              Smith and Company CPAs                             4/28/1986